General Questions

What is IDWise?

IDWise is an identity and verification company that helps businesses verify their customers' identities.

How long does it take to verify an identity with IDWise?

The time it takes to verify identity with IDWise depends on a variety of factors, including the type of verification method being used and the complexity of the verification process. However, our platform is designed to be fast and efficient, and we strive to provide our customers with quick and accurate verification results.

How much does IDWise cost?

The cost of IDWise varies depending on the specific needs of each business. To learn more about pricing and to get a custom quote, please contact our sales team via chat or email us at [email protected], you can also check our pricing page here: https://idwise.com/pricing

What documents can IDWise verify?

IDWise can verify more than 13000 different identity documents, including passports, driver's licenses, national identification cards, and more. Our platform is also capable of verifying documents from over 200 countries, making it a great solution for businesses with global customers.

Can IDWise verify identities in real time?

Yes, IDWise is designed to provide real-time identity verification results. Our platform utilizes advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to quickly and accurately verify identities.

What customer support does IDWise offer?

IDWise offers dedicated customer support to all of our customers. Our team of experienced professionals is available to answer any questions and provide assistance as needed. Additionally, our online support center provide helpful resources and documentation to assist with the integration and use of our platform, you can connect with us via email at [email protected] or by WhatsApp at +44 7853 325209

What differentiates IDWise's biometrics product?

IDWise's biometrics product is differentiated by its high accuracy rate, even in challenging conditions. We use both active and passive liveness detection to ensure that the person in the image is real. We also have a deep understanding of the challenges of biometrics in emerging markets, and we have developed our product to overcome these challenges.

Does IDWise have a sandbox I can explore within?

Yes, once you start your trial, please contact [email protected] for activation.

What types of configurability does IDWise offer?

IDWise offers a wide range of configurability options, including:

  • The ability to customize the user interface.
  • The ability to customize the id verification flow through the IDWise flow builder allows our customers to fully customize the ID verification process according to their specific requirements. It enables customers to configure multiple steps, including ID document submission, selfie capture, AML checks, and database verification.
  • The ability to choose which AML lists to check against.
  • The ability to choose the level of detail that is required for Ongoing Monitoring.

Integrations & SDK

Does IDWise offer a mobile SDK for identity verification?

Yes, IDWise offers a mobile SDK for both iOS and Android devices. Our mobile SDK allows businesses to integrate IDWise's identity verification technology directly into their mobile applications, providing a seamless and secure user experience.

Can IDWise be integrated with other software and platforms?

Yes, IDWise is designed to be flexible and easily integrated with a variety of software and platforms. Our team of integration specialists can work with businesses to ensure a smooth and seamless integration process.

Flow & Journey details

Can I customize the IDWise to have my own brand and style?

Yes, our user interface is fully customizable, you can customize it to fit your brand coloring and styling.

Can I configure my own verification steps or flow?

IDWise has a flow builder that you can use to build the flow that fits you best, as well you can reach out to our experts for assistance too.

Can users resume journeys if they left mid-way?

Yes, users can resume journeys if they left mid-way. The IDWise platform will save the user's progress, so they can start where they left off.

Do verifications expire?

No, verifications don’t expire as a default setting, but this can be customized based on your standards.

Does IDWise support a Selfie live match?

Yes, Our platform does selfie live check and it can be customized based on your standards.