How to use IDWise SDKs


IDWise SDKs are a set of tools that enable you to integrate services provided by IDWise into your mobile or web applications. With IDWise SDKs, you can provide a seamless and secure user experience for your customers.

IDWise SDK Types

IDWise offers two distinct types of SDKs to cater to different identity verification needs:

  • Simple SDK : The Simple SDK is designed for straightforward integrations, offering a quick and easy way to implement full ID verification processes. It's ideal for businesses seeking a hassle-free solution with minimal coding effort
  • Dynamic SDK: The Dynamic SDK is tailored for more complex scenarios, allowing businesses to customize the user journey with their own screens and to implement specific business logic based on the ID verification steps. This SDK is more involved in terms of integration but offers greater flexibility and control over the identity verification process.

Comparison Table of IDWise Simple SDK and Dynamic SDK

FeatureSimple SDKDynamic SDK
UsageIdeal for full IDV onboarding. The IDWise SDK manages all aspects of the IDV onboarding process, seamlessly handling each step and then handing control back to the hosting application upon completion of the onboarding flow.Suitable for scenarios when customers want to show custom screens between IDV flow.
Integration ComplexityEasier to integrate, requiring only a few lines of code.More involved, offering greater flexibility and control.
Frontend Business LogicDoes not expose processing results at each step.Exposes processing results at each step, enabling frontend business logic implementation.
User Error HandlingHandles user errors (e.g., expired documents, unacceptable documents, cropped images) with customizable screens that guide users to resolve these issues.Delegates the responsibility of handling user errors to the hosting application, allowing for tailored error management
Integration DetailsHere you can find more details for integration with Simple SDKHere you can find more details for integration with Dynamic SDK