Proof of Address Module Block Configuration

This block is tailored to configure the Proof of Address step. This page will provide you with a detailed walkthrough for setting up the Proof of Address step within the ID verification flow. The configuration is divided into three key sections:

Configure Step Level Checks

This configuration allows you to specify the criteria and checks for the Proof of Address documents that users must provide.

  • Accepted Documents: To configure what is the accepted document types and country for this step. You can manage multiple document-country combinations here.
  • Document Authenticity Check: The system will detect if the document is captured from Screen.
  • Cross Match with ID: This setting verifies that the name extracted from the ID matches the name on the proof of address document. If the names do not match, the document will be rejected.
  • Cross Match with Applicant Details: When activated, this check confirms that the personal details entered into your system at the start of the process match those on the submitted document.
  • Document Issued Older than: Set the minimum age of the document's issue date. For example, if you only accept documents issued at least one month ago, configure this rule for 30 days. If a document is submitted that was issued less than 30 days ago, it will be rejected.
  • Proof of Address Recency: Specify the maximum age (in days) for a proof of address document to be considered recent and valid. For instance, if you accept documents issued within the last 90 days, any document older than 90 days will be rejected.

Step Level configurations

Allow File Upload: Toggle this setting to enable users to either take a photo or upload an image of their proof of address document, enhancing flexibility.

Disable Camera on Desktop(Enabled by default): This feature can be turned off to ensure users only use their phone cameras for uploads, improving picture quality and consistency.

Cross-Match with ID(Enabled by default): Enable this option if you require the address details to match those on the user's identity document for additional verification.

Mandatory: (Enabled by default): Set the proof of address document upload as a compulsory step that cannot be skipped, ensuring no user can bypass this critical verification stage.

User Interface Content

Customize the instructions and language used during the Proof of Address verification step to provide users with a clear and understandable guide.

Step Name: Assign a name to this step, such as "Proof of Address," for clear identification.
Show Instructions Screen: Enable this toggle to show users detailed instructions on how to provide their proof of address. Note that the maximum number of instructions are three.
Instructions Header and Details: Write a concise header and supporting instructions to guide users through this step effectively.
Camera Instructions: Offer specific guidance on how to capture the best possible image of their address document.
Change Specimen: If needed, upload an example image to show a standard for document submission, providing users with a visual aid. Note that the specimen acceptable dimension is 684x428 pixels

Ensure that each section is carefully reviewed and appropriately configured to align with your verification process's requirements. This guide will ensure that users have a seamless experience when submitting their Proof of Address documents