Webhook FAQ

Why is a webhook necessary?

Webhooks are crucial as they serve as a conduit for interaction between the IDWise backend and a client's backend. They notify the client whenever a specific event transpires within the IDWise backend.

What is the data format used by webhooks?

They utilize JSON.

Do webhooks deliver data instantaneously?

Absolutely, they operate asynchronously, delivering data immediately after each validation stage is finished.

What will happen if my webhook endpoint becomes inaccessible?

We will make several attempts to deliver the webhook at intervals of 5, 10, and 15 minutes. If the delivery remains unsuccessful, an email will be dispatched to the customer support team, providing them with details of all undelivered webhooks.

Can I allow webhook access from specific IP addresses?

Certainly, you can limit the invocation of your webhook by permitting access only from certain IP addresses, which can be specified by the IDWise team.