Webhook Specifications

The IDWise backend will send a JSON HTTP POST request to the webhook configured, with the following details:

  "event": "**EVENT_NAME**",  
  "body": {
    "journeyId": "62e6...........5d0c",  
    "referenceNo": "840...........23",  
    "systemDecision": "**SYSTEM_DECISION**",  
    "manualDecision": "**MANUAL_DECISION**",  
    "finalDecision": "**FINAL_DECISION**"  



Please note this object might be extended with extra elements. Ensure your code can accommodate any extra elements introduced to this payload object.

The JSON object provided contains information about certain events in the ID verification process, encapsulated within five primary attributes:

  • event: This attribute captures the type of event that has been triggered. It can be one of the following four options:

    • Finished Journey: The verification process is finished and ready to be fetched from IDWise backend.
    • Manually Reviewed: The verification process has been manually reviewed by a client complaince team.
    • AML Monitor Update: An update occurred related to OGM (Ongoing Monitoring) service of AML (Anti-Money Laundering).
    • Finished User Steps: The user has completed all the required steps in the journey.
    • Finished Step: This event activates once a user's step processing is finished. For steps involving a document with two sides, it activates for each side (both front and back). In the case of a selfie step, it triggers upon the completion of the selfie step.
    • Finished Ongoing Check: This event typically occurs during the ongoing verification process that utilizes selfie biometrics. It is activated once the user completes the ongoing check.
  • eventId: A unique identifier to identify this event instance. Should the event be attempted again, the eventId will consistently remain unchanged throughout all retry attempts.

  • journeyId: A unique identifier for the journey, a specific instance of the verification process.

  • referenceNo: The reference number associated with the journey.

  • systemDecision: The automated decision by the IDWise system based on the inputs received. It can have one of three values:

    • Complete: The user has successfully completed all the steps in the journey. It is reflected as "passed" in the user interface.
    • Incomplete: The journey isn't complete yet, meaning the user hasn't finished all required steps.
    • Refer: At least one step has failed, necessitating a manual review.
  • manualDecision: The outcome of a manual review. It can have one of three values:

    • null: No manual review has taken place yet.
    • Approved: The journey has been approved upon manual review.
    • Rejected: The journey has been rejected upon manual review.
  • finalDecision: The ultimate decision for the journey. It can be one of the following:

    • Approved: The journey has been approved by a manual reviewer.
    • Rejected: The journey has been rejected by a manual reviewer.
    • Complete: The journey has been successfully completed (it shows on the UI as passed).
    • Incomplete: The journey hasn't been completed yet (the user didn’t finish all steps).
    • Refer: At least one of the steps has failed, and the journey needs to be referred for a manual review.