Credentials and Authentication

Credentials / API Keys

There are two types of API Keys that you can manage from the dashboard interface:

  1. Client API Key which will be used by the frontend SDKs (Android, iOS, and Web SDKs).
  2. Server API Key: Used for authenticating server-to-server API calls which includes the control journey and journey retrieval APIs



    Please note that these API details can't be shared on the client side, and must be stored in a secure vault only on your backend

Managing your API Keys from the dashboard

Once you login to IDWise Studio go to the Admin section then select the API Keys tab

From here you may create new API Key by clicking on the Create API Key button, then you'll see the following popup:

Where you can give a name to that key and select the key type, once you click on the Generate button you'll be provided with the newly generated API key as following



  • You'll see the value of the API key only once, so ensure that you copy it and store it.
  • Ensure that you use the Copy button as not all the key's value is visible.


Client SDKs

For client SDKs (Android, iOS, and Web SDKs) authentication, refer to the SDK documentation page for detailed instructions on performing authentication for each SDK.

Backend APIs

IDWise APIs use basic authentication (API Key and API Secret).

πŸ“˜ API reference page

On the API Reference page, use your customer ID as the username and the generated server API key as the password to create the authentication header.

Add auth credentials to API Reference page


Access the APIs at the following URL: