Facial Biometrics


The Facial Biometrics feature by IDWise is a sophisticated system designed to enhance security and authentication processes through advanced facial recognition technology. This system plays a crucial role in verifying identities by comparing facial features with photo IDs and assessing the liveness and quality of the face captured. Employing AI and machine learning algorithms, it offers a seamless and secure way to authenticate individuals in various applications.

Why IDWise Utilizes Face Matching and Liveness Detection

IDWise incorporates Face Matching and Liveness Detection for several compelling reasons:

  1. Enhanced Security: By comparing live facial features with those on a photographic ID, the system ensures a high level of security against identity fraud.

  2. Spoofing Prevention: The Liveness Detection component effectively prevents spoofing attempts, a critical concern in digital authentication. According to a report by the Biometrics Research Group, incorporating liveness detection can reduce the chances of spoofing attacks by up to 90%.

  3. Accuracy and Reliability: Facial recognition technology has seen significant advancements in recent years. Studies indicate that the current facial recognition algorithms can achieve an accuracy rate of over 99.9%, making them highly reliable for identity verification.

  4. User Convenience: Facial recognition and liveness checks offer a seamless and user-friendly method of identity verification, eliminating the need for physical documents or complex passwords.

  5. Compliance with Regulations: With increasing regulations around digital identity verification, such as GDPR in Europe and SAMA in KSA, using advanced biometric solutions like those provided by IDWise helps companies stay compliant.

Facial Matching

IDWise uses state-of-the-art Facial Biometrics technology to authenticate identities, precisely comparing an individual's present facial characteristics with those on their photo IDs. The system is developed to address the diverse challenges in identity verification (IDV). It aims to achieve accurate recognition across various facial features, skin tones, and ethnicities, promoting inclusivity and fairness in the verification process. This approach is focused on improving the accuracy of the model accuracy and reducing both false match and false rejection rates.

Challenges Addressed by IDWise:

  • Complications from ID Document Features: Security elements on ID documents can obscure or cover facial images, presenting a complex obstacle for accurate facial recognition.

  • Variations Due to Aging: The difference in age between the photo on an identification document and the person's current appearance can significantly alter facial features, requiring sophisticated algorithms for precise matching.

Application Scenarios

IDWise provides various face matching services tailored to different needs:

  • Selfie versus ID Photo Face Matching: In customer journeys involving multiple ID verification steps, IDWise can cross-reference the selfie with all facial images printed on the provided ID documents. This ensures consistency and accuracy throughout the verification process.

  • Selfie versus Government Database Photo Matching: For customers seeking to validate a selfie against facial images stored in government databases, IDWise offers an API. Through this service, customers can submit a government-provided facial image for cross-matching with the selfie, providing ultimate assurance of identity.

  • Onboarded Selfie versus Live Selfie Matching: IDWise also enables clients to conduct ongoing verification of users. It compares the facial image collected during the initial onboarding phase with a live selfie, ensuring continuous and reliable identity verification.

Face Liveness/Anti-Spoofing Detection

IDWise's Liveness Detection is essential in protecting against fraudulent attempts using static images, video replays, or masks to trick the system. This feature operates by analyzing subtle facial movements, scrutinizing blinking patterns, and assessing facial depth. Its main objective is to confirm that the person in the verification process is physically present and actively participating.

How it Works

IDWise provides sophisticated, underlying technology for verifying the authenticity of captured selfies.

  • Active Liveness: In this front-end users are guided to position their faces within an oval outline and perform specific actions. These actions trigger the automatic capture of a selfie, ensuring active participation and genuine presence.

  • Passive Liveness: On the back-end, IDWise's state-of-the-art technology evaluates the depth of the captured facial image. This analysis confirms that the image is not a photograph, a screen image, or a replayed video. IDWise's passive liveness detection is a NIST-certified solution, adhering to U.S. standards, ensuring high levels of accuracy and security in identity verification. This certification signifies that IDWise meets rigorous criteria for detecting liveness.

In summary, IDWise's use of Face Matching and Liveness Detection is driven by the need for robust security measures, high accuracy, user convenience, and compliance with regulatory standards, along with keeping pace with the expanding market demand for reliable biometric solutions.