Proof of Address Verification


Proof of Address is a foundational component that is critical in establishing the legitimacy of an applicant's residential information. A robust POA verification not only enhances compliance but also adds an additional layer of security by confirming that the applicant is who and where they claim to be. This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for understanding the types of documents we support and the extra checks we perform for POA verification.

Information Extraction

At IDWise, our cutting-edge technology ensures seamless extraction of key data points for Proof of Address (POA) documents. Below are the primary data attributes that are automatically captured:

  1. Full Name: IDWise extracts the full name present on the POA document. In cases where multiple names are present, the technology is capable of identifying and capturing all listed names.

  2. Issue Date: The issue date is another crucial data point that is captured. This information is essential for determining the validity of the document.

  3. Address: IDWise successfully extracts the address from the document. This data is integral for the verification process and is cross-referenced for accuracy.

  4. Additional Data Fields: These are domain-specific fields that vary according to the type of document. For example, in the case of insurance documents, the Insurance Policy Number would be extracted.

Checks Performed on Proof of Address (POA)

When verifying the Proof of Address (POA), IDWise conducts several checks to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the address information provided. These checks are designed to prevent fraud, confirm identity, and comply with regulatory requirements. Below are the key checks we perform:

1. Cross-Matching POA with POI

This check involves comparing details on the Proof of Address with those on the Proof of Identity (POI) documents to ensure consistency in the information provided across different documents.

2.Outdated POA Check

We assess the issue date of the POA document to determine if it is current. Documents older than a specific threshold (e.g., 3-6 months) may be flagged as outdated.

3. Location Checks

This check compares the geolocation of the IP address at the time of the POA submission with the physical address extracted from the POA, to validate the physical location against the digital submission.

Supported Document Types

IDWise's POA verification service is designed to accommodate a wide range of document domains, each with its specific subtypes. Below are the main types of documents supported along with their corresponding subtypes:

Main TypeSubtype
Bank StatementAccount Statement
Credit Card Statement
Bank LetterProof of Account Letter
Account Opening Letter
Utility BillElectricity Bill
Water Bill
Gas Bill
Broadband/Internet Bill
Landline/Mobile phone Bill
Energy Bill
Tax DocumentLocal Authority Tax Bill (e.g. Council Tax)
Income Tax Certificate
Benefit Letter
Tax Return
Other Tax Document
Insurance PolicyLife Insurance Policy
Health Insurance Policy
Home Insurance Policy
Vehicle Insurance Policy
Lease AgreementProperty Lease Agreement (Rental Contract)
Vehicle Lease Agreement
Other Lease Agreement
Commercial LicenceCompany Registration
Trade Licence
Government CorrespondenceNational Insurance Number
Social Security Number
TV Licence
Municipality Letter
Local Registration
Public Admin Letter
Mortgage DocumentMortgage Agreement
Deed of Trust
Mortgage Statement
Other Mortgage Document
Official CorrespondenceEmployer Letter
Contract Ownership Certificate
Invoice LetterRental Invoice
Service Charges