Comprehensive Guide to User Error Feedback

When integrating with IDWise through the Dynamic SDK or the Get Journey Summary API, developers can encounter a variety of error codes. These codes are essential for identifying specific issues users might face during the ID verification process. Below is an elaborate table that categorizes each error, providing a framework for developers to implement user-friendly feedback mechanisms effectively.

  • Error Codes: These are the distinct errors identified by the errorUserFeedbackCode attribute in the IDWise Dynamic SDK, or the error_user_feedback_code attribute in the Get Journey Summary API. They serve as the technical markers for problems arising during the verification journey.
  • Error Title: Presented to the end user through the errorUserFeedbackTitle attribute in the SDK or the error_user_feedback_title attribute in the Get Journey Summary API, this concise description quickly summarizes the error's essence. It offers an immediate understanding of the issue in user-friendly language, avoiding technical complexities.
  • Error Details: Providing a detailed explanation, the error details are conveyed to the end user via the errorUserFeedbackDetails attribute in the SDK or the error_user_feedback_details attribute in the Get Journey Summary API.
  • Customization: Both the error title and the error details are fully customizable using IDWise Theme Designer. This flexibility allows developers to tailor the error messages to fit the language, tone, and branding of their application, enhancing the user experience during the verification journey.

Error Feedback Codes, Titles, and Details:

Error NameError CodeUser Error Title MessageUser Error Details
Not Physical Documentfeedback_not_physical_document"Image not accepted""Image does not meet the requirements. Please follow the guidelines."
Document Croppedfeedback_document_cropped"Document Cropped""The document is not fully visible."
Failed Document Validationfeedback_failed_document"Image not Clear""The submitted image was not clear"
Unrecognised Documentfeedback_unrecognised_document"Image not Clear""The submitted document could not be recognised
Document Expiredfeedback_document_expired"Document Expired""Submitted document is expired"
Not Accepted Documentfeedback_proof_policy_failed"Wrong Document""Submitted document is not accepted"
Duplicated Document Foundfeedback_duplicated_document_found"Duplicate Document""You submitted the same document in other steps"
Wrong Side Submittedfeedback_wrong_side"Wrong Side""You captured the wrong document side"
Duplicate Side Submittedfeedback_duplicate_side"Duplicate Side""You captured the same side twice"
Outdated Proof of Addressfeedback_outdated_proof_of_address"Outdated Document""Submitted proof of address is outdated"