Integration with IDWise Overview

Utilize IDWise's platform for swift, programmatic identity verification of your users. Our platform is designed to be easily integrated and fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

IDWise offers 2 integration models

Among the integration options available, we highly recommend opting for IDWise SDK integration.

This approach not only offers a remarkable level of simplicity and seamlessness but also provides a diverse array of integration choices, encompassing iOS, Android, and Web platforms. By selecting this route, you benefit from a streamlined integration experience that aligns with your platform of choice, ultimately saving you time and effort.

For those seeking a more intricate integration strategy, the backend-to-backend integration model emerges as an ideal choice. This method proves invaluable when faced with advanced integration requisites, affording you comprehensive authority over the requests you submit. Furthermore, it empowers you to exercise complete control over response handling, allowing for customization according to your distinct preferences. This approach caters to the complexities of your integration requirements while granting you the freedom to mold the interaction precisely to your specifications.

Integration ModelIDWise SDK IntegrationBackend-to-Backend Integration
Integration ApproachOn your front-end, IDWise Smart Capture UI guides the user to capture good quality images and provide feedback when neededYour backend sends images to IDWise backend.
You take responsibility of image capture/upload
Use CasesInteractive user verification with direct feedbackInteractive user verification (using your own UI), Batch processing
Request Submission Swift, Kotlin, Javascript, React Native, Flutter.
IDWise SDK automatically handles network requests
Pure back-end through RESTful APIs (Journey Builder API)
Result RetrievalRESTful APIs (Result Retrieval APIs)RESTful APIs (Result Retrieval APIs)
Integration SimplicitySimpler and faster integrationSlightly more involved integration
Look and Feel CustomizationRich customisation through cloud based configuration. Updates applied instantly without code changesIDWise UI is not included
Business RulesCustomizable cloud-based business rulesCustomizable cloud-based business rules
Integration EffortMinimal effort, ready-made UI componentsTechnical effort, UI development
Pre-built Guided Capturing Process