Integration with IDWise Overview

Utilize IDWise's platform for swift, programmatic identity verification of your users. Our platform is designed to be easily integrated and fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

IDWise Offers Two Integration Methods

We recommend using the IDWise SDKs for integration. This method is straightforward and seamless, offering options for iOS, Android, Flutter, ReactNative, Cordova and Web platforms. Choosing this method provides a smooth integration process tailored to your platform, saving you both time and effort. IDWise SDK is available in two versions, each designed for varying levels of customisation:

For customers who need a more comprehensive integration method and already have a user onboarding interface, our backend-to-backend model is ideal. This approach is crucial for managing complex integration demands, providing complete control over requests and responses. It allows for customization to meet specific needs and supports elaborate configurations.

The table below shows the key differences between SDK and Backend to Backend integration

Simple SDKDynamic SDKBackend-to-Backend
UsageBest for straightforward and efficient user onboarding. The Simple SDK handles the entire IDV process smoothly, completing the flow and returning control to the host application.Suited for cases where custom screens/extra business logic are needed between steps in the IDV process.Ideal for organizations that manage user data capture in-house (e.g., IDs, selfies) and prefer processing via backend-to-backend calls.
Integration SimplicityOffers a quick and easy integration process.Involves a more complex setup, providing greater control and flexibility.Integration is more complex, allowing for extensive flexibility and control without utilizing a prebuilt IDWise UI.
Look and Feel CustomizationExtensive customisation available through the IDWise Theme Designer, with instant updates without code modifications.Same extensive customisation capabilities as the Simple SDK, with instant updates.Does not include an IDWise UI; customers need to develop their own user onboarding interfaces.
Business LogicBusiness logic is implemented within the SDK and not exposed step-by-step, using pre-built error handling UIs.Processing results are exposed at each step, allowing for customer-implemented frontend logic.Processing results are exposed at each step, enabling the customer's backend to modify the frontend as needed.
User Error HandlingAutomatically manages user errors (such as expired or unacceptable documents, or cropped images) with customizable screens to guide resolution.User error handling is managed by the application hosting the SDK, allowing for customized responses.User error responsibilities are managed by the customer's backend, enabling tailored error handling solutions.
Pre-built Smart Capturing Process
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