Backend to backend integration


This documentation outlines the process for integrating your backend system with IDWise Backend for seamless identity verification services. The integration enables your backend to initiate and complete identity verification journeys, retrieve journey results, and manage journey-related data.

You'll need to use the Journey Builder APIs to build and complete your journey.

Sequence Chart

The following sequence chart illustrates the key steps involved in the backend-to-backend integration with IDWise Backend

Integration Overview

Initiate a new identity verification journey by sending a request from Your backend to IDWise backend. This step marks the beginning of the verification process.

You'll receive the journey id with the next step's details.

Your backend will send image data for verification, including for example the ID-Front image, ID-Back image, and Selfie image, to IDWise backend.


Journey Flow Customization

Note that the required steps and the journey flow is fully customizable according to your needs, please refer to the Journey Flows page for more details

Once all necessary steps have been processed successfully, send a request to IDWise backend to complete the identity verification journey.

4.Journey Completion Webhook

IDWise backend will notify Your Backend of the journey's completion via a webhook. This notification allows Your Backend to proceed with further actions or updates as needed.

5.Get Journey Result

Retrieve the journey result from IDWise backend using the Result Retrieval API. This result contains the outcome of the journey, and the original submitted images in addition to the processed images