Result Retrieval API


Retrieve APIs constitute a set of methods intended to extract the processing results of verification journeys. These APIs ensure you can easily and effectively track the status and outcomes of your identity verification journeys.

The Result Retrieval APIs constitute a comprehensive set of methods designed to facilitate the extraction of processing outcomes from verification journeys. These APIs empower you to monitor the status and results of your verification processes.


For detailed information regarding credentials and authentication procedures, please consult the Credentials and Authentication page.

When to use this API

This API serves as a pivotal tool for fetching verification journey outcomes and associated images. This API is applicable regardless of whether your integration was achieved through the SDK or the journey control API. Its utility extends to the following scenarios:

  • Image Retrieval: Obtain both user-submitted images from the verification process and the images that have been extracted and processed. For further insights, refer to the Get Image API.
  • Journey Status Monitoring: Track the status of verification journeys, whether they are completed or in a referred state. More information is available in the Get Journey Status API documentation.


Important Considerations

It's imperative to restrict the usage of this API to the backend environment exclusively. It should not be invoked from the client side due to its reliance on backend authentication mechanisms.

Exposing these credentials to public access, such as incorporating it within an SDK should never be done.

The reason is that the backend authentication granted to retrieve data belonging to other users and even facilitate unauthorized request submissions on behalf of unrelated users.

Use Cases

Here, we provide illustrative examples of how you can integrate the Result Retrieval APIs into your codebase to extract verification journey outcomes:

  • Get Journey Result (Recipe will be added soon)
  • Retrieve Journey's Images (Recipe will be added soon)

Overview of Result Retrieval APIs

Below is an overview of the key APIs encompassed within the Result Retrieval system:

API NameDescription
Get Journey ResultGet journey details by JOURNEY_ID
Get ImageGet Image by IMAGE_PATH, by default it will return the image as a binary file. In order to return the response as base64 encoded, set "Accept-Encoding" in the request headers to "base64"