SDK Integration

When to use SDK integration

When integrating with IDWise services, we recommend utilizing the SDK integration if you already possess a mobile app or web application. This approach facilitates the seamless and efficient integration of the SDK into your existing application, eliminating the need to develop new functionality from scratch.

The SDK is designed for user-friendliness and provides straightforward instructions for integration.

What features IDWise SDK offers

  • Fully Customizable UI:
    • Enables customers to adapt the IDWise SDK's appearance to fit with their application's style and design, here you can find all the customizable screens.
    • Consistent branding boosts recognition and trust. Adaptable interfaces enhance user experience and provide flexibility for future changes.
    • IDWise offers theme designer tools for customers to configure the UI of the mobile SDK.
  • Smart Capture Capability:
    • Assesses objects in front of the camera to eliminate white noise and capture high-quality images.
    • Ensures accurate and efficient image captures, improving user experience and reducing potential operational errors.
  • Easy Integration:
    • Designed for smooth and straightforward incorporation into applications.
    • Saves time, reduces development costs, and provides flexibility for combining with other tools.
      IDWise SDK offers a blend of customization, intelligent image capture, and effortless integration, making it an optimal choice for developers.

You need more information about SDK please check this.

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