Journey Custom API

The Journey Custom APIs provide a set of APIs to process custom steps (e.g Face matching between selfie and government database face) and complete custom steps.

These APIs offer a high level of customization and control, allowing you to tailor the verification process to meet your specific business requirements.


Caution for Integration: Backend Use Only

Please refrain from using these APIs when integrating through client SDKs.

Sequence diagram for backend to backend integration

The following sequence chart illustrates the key steps involved in the backend-to-backend integration with IDWise Backend

Journey Custom Step APIs Overview

API NameDescription
Process Custom Journey StepProcess custom journey step of the existing journey. you can use this API to submit additional face (i.e faces come from the government database) to be matched with already user-submitted selfie or documents.
Complete Custom StepIf you wish to finalize the journey custom step and determine the system decision using the data provided thus far, you may utilize this API. However, please note that once this API is invoked, you will be unable to submit or modify any further steps.